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Alexandre Nicolas was born in 1970 in Toulouse, where he currently lives and works. He trained at the Beaux Arts in Toulouse where he graduated in 1997. He participated in live performances at local events in France and Spain. At those gatherings, he performs large ephemeral sculpturesas performance: those are made with sand or ice. He cultivated his taste for the stage and his fascination for shaping with raw materials. Those experiences led him to seek ofr new materials, until he discovered Synthetic Crystal. He will then test and test and daring on this capricious’s subject. In these workshops, he met Molodkin Andrei, a young Russian avant-garde artist, who represents Russia at the 2009 Venice’s Biennal. He shared with him his expertise.

In addition to his artistic calling, Alexande works as a designer for prestigious companies: Airbus, Hermes, Canal +, Club Med … Those companies call him for creation of objects or trophies. He is also booked for performance, including ice sculpture. During the last two ‘Tours de France’, he has been commitioned by the company PMU to design the best sprinter’s trophy.


Purpan Hospital in Toulouse welcomes one of his art: “Maternité en marche” an installation of four gigantic women, wearing on their oversized legs, round shaped by pregnancy.

Alexander is currently working on symbols and myths. He interprets, embezzles and then presents them frozen in inclusion.


Museum exhibitions :

Shenzen International Ink Art :  dec. 2010 – jan 2011, 6th edition of the International Ink Art of Shenzen, China : exhibition of 5 “Prédestinés”

Que Nuages : jun 2010- sept 2010, Museum of Fontaine de Vaucluse, France

ANIMAMIX : dec. 2009 – janv. 2010, MOCA Taipei, Taiwan

Solo Exhibitions :


November : La Halle aux poissons Gallery, Toulouse, France

June/July : Olivier Waltman Gallery, Paris, France

Les prédestinés, Lineart 2008, Xavier Ronse Gallery, Belgium

Le jeu, St’Art, AD Gallery,

Group Exhibitions :


Les organiques, AAF Brussel
In woman I trust, JPB Art Gallery, Saint Tropez, France

Poules de Luxe, St’Art Lille, Xavier Ronse Gallery, Belgium
Le Jeu, London Art Fair, Olivier Waltman Gallery, Paris, France
Les Prédestinés :

– St’Art, AD Gallery, Béziers, France
– Castang Gallery, Perpignan, France
РArt Elys̩es, Olivier Waltman Gallery, Paris, France